My Story

I came to Documents and Records Management when the company for whom I worked introduced new functionality to their product range, I had to quickly familiarise myself with the subject. I had little if any knowledge of the difference between a Document and Record. (There is a difference by the way and there are many definitions. Please see the Home Page for some definitions.)

It was quite a nervy time; it was a whole new world with its own rules, regulations, policies and processes many of which I was unaware of.

I read a number of book, journals, and magazines visited many websites, attended several courses and did a lot of research, and acquired a little knowledge along the way which I hope you may find useful – some things you’ll already know, some you may not, and many of you may know some elements far better than I do.

As the title suggests this is an introduction but will contain some more in-depth content as the site builds and where I feel additional information would be useful.

I’ll also add links to authority sites that have the resource and man power to research this subject and present current update information.

There are several aspects to document and records management which I’ll cover in separate sections, if you already know about retention schedules but don’t know how to construct a Business Classification Scheme or Fileplan simply view the section of interest.

So if you’ve been task, as I was, with becoming familiar with documents and records and the management there-of I’d like to think this is a good place to start.

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