DROID - Digital Record Object IDentification tool demo

I found this on The National Archive site (see link below) primarily aimed at information managers wishing to manage digital information stored in files. It may also be useful for archivists, IT or digital preservation professionals who want to gain information about their file usage.

DROID stands for Digital Record Object IDentification. It's a free software tool developed by The National Archives that will help you to automatically profile a wide range of file formats. For example, it will tell you what versions you have, their age and size, and when they were last changed. It can also provide you with data to help you find duplicates.

Digital Record Object IDentification (DROID) tool demo from The National Archives UK on Vimeo.

This video gives a brief demonstration on how to use DROID, including how to create profiles, add files, understand and filter your results and generate reports.

You can download DROID and find more information and guidance on how to use it and interpret the results at nationalarchives.gov.uk/droid
DROID Factsheet
DROID How to use and Interpret Results

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