Scanning Document What's it all about?

Document scanning is the process of transforms your existing mountain of paper documents into electronically recognisable images that can then potentially be used by computer based business applications and or archived for future use.

A good well researched system should include some form of scanning device such as document scanner, fax machine or other multifunction peripheral (MFP), in addition you’ll also need the appropriate software that will ultimately allow you to manipulate the images produced by your chosen device.

Image improvement / enhancement or image processing software that enables the user (if they so wish) to automatically advance potentially poor quality images produced by the scanning process should included.

Once your Document is Scanned it's not the end!

If your organisation relies on it’s document driven business processes then you need to do far must do more than merely convert your existing paper documents in to electronically accessible images. If for instance, your organisation wants to automate their invoice process, you must also take in to account:

  • Converting the current printed or hand-written text from the invoice into electronically processable data which can then be used by a computer system (using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software or Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR software);
  • How do you identify the vital pieces of information (for example: the vendor, their address, how many items, at what price, on what payment terms, and so forth);
  • Processes for authenticating that your OCR software has recognised and correctly converted the scanned information accurately;
  • Will the invoice match with the corresponding customer purchase order; and
  • Are you confident that the validated information is then deliver into the correct business system in an appropriate format.
  • These important document scanning steps alone require costly, time-consuming and labour intensive manual effort.

    You need Software that enable you to Go Beyond Document Scanning

    There are several software package that go beyond mere document scanning applications that can be configured to automatically transform your business-critical information from existing paper documents, faxes received and other electronic format from data into process-ready information, delivering it to your business system, your various databases, helping to create workflows and allowing you to archive your documents.

    I’ll be going in to far greater deal on the scanning process of the next few week and I’m looking to put together a free document regarding things to consider when planning a project, so pop back every now and then to see what’s new.

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