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    Records Management Retention Scheduling

    Retention Scheduling is the process by which an organisation identify and retain the ‘correct’ historical records securely for an appropriate period, at the same time ensuring that any redundant recor

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    My Story

    My story of how I became involved with Documents and Records Management

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    A Guide to Document Management

    When researching this Guide to Document Management I found that when the desktop computer was introduced into the office it was predicted that there would be a major reduction on our dependence on pap

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    Classification Schemes and Fileplans

    A Business Classification Schemes (BCS) is a hierarchical representation of a public authority’s functions, activities and transactions (FAT) that can be used for file titling purposes. Derived from a

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    The MoReq2 development process during 2007 was highly communal - with more than 200 volunteer individuals and organizations participating.

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    Dublin Core Metadata

    Dublin Core Metadata

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    Are You Making These 3 Big Records Management Mistakes?

    Are You Making These 3 Big Records Management Mistakes?

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    Better Records Management a Quick Guide

    Prior to implementing a better records management system within your organisation, check your current records management practices against the Seven Point Checklist below.

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    Password Guide

    Password Guide offers a means of controlling access to Information Resources. Unauthorised access can compromise information confidentiality, integrity and availability resulting in loss.

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